Standing ovation for "Anne" in Amsterdam

Anne Frank is dreaming: she is in Paris, the war is over, she laughs, she is alive: then she tells her story - a story that has touched millions of people around the world. This fictitious scene opens the much-discussed stage version of the Diary of Anne Frank, which had its première in Amsterdam on May 8. It tells the story of the Jewish girl who died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp shortly before her 16th birthday and just before the camp was liberated.

Authors Leon de Winter and Jessica Durlacher use Anne's words to describe everyday life in the secret annexe in extremely intimate scenes. For the first time, the two authors had access to all Anne's diaries and to the archive of her father, Otto Frank.

The première took place in a theatre especially built for the production in Amsterdam harbour. Director Theu Boermans had Anne's world reconstructed for the play. The residential building, office building and the Franks' hiding place are all based on the originals and replicated on a slightly smaller scale. There is a large screen on either side of the stage showing hand-written excerpts from the diary and, among other things, historical film footage - this is an elaborate production featuring many multimedia elements.

The play is clearly aimed at an adolescent target audience. Because, according to producer Robin de Levita, this is the first generation who will no longer be confronted with survivors.

The audience at the première responded to the many years of work and implementation of a topic that requires great sensitivity, with enthusiastic applause and a standing ovation. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Buddy Elias, Anne Frank's cousin and President of the Anne Frank Fonds, were among the audience at the première.

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"Kraftvoll! Phänomenal! Genau richtig!" (tagesschau.de)
Das Publikum im ausverkauften, neuen Theater in Amsterdam ist begeistert. Die Weltpremiere des zuvor viel diskutierten Stücks "Anne" hat überzeugt, beeindruckt und eine bislang unbekannte Seite von Anne Frank gezeigt, die mit 15 Jahren Opfer des Holocaust wurde. READ ARTICLE

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