«The Fonds aims to contribute to better understanding between religions, to serve the cause of peace between people, and to encourage international contacts between the young.»
(Otto Frank, founder of the ANNE FRANK FONDS)

Through her diary, Anne Frank has become a worldwide symbol representing all victims of racism, anti-Semitism and fascism. The foremost message contained in her diary sets out to combat all forms of racism and intolerance.

The foundation

The ANNE FRANK FONDS (AFF) is a foundation under Swiss law domiciled in Basel. It was established by Otto Frank on January 24, 1963 and is subject to supervision by the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs. A Board of Trustees serving in an honorary capacity acts on behalf of the Fonds. The accounts are audited by an external firm of auditors.
The purpose of the foundation is to promote charitable works and to perform social and cultural tasks.


AFF uses income from licences to support numerous charitable and educational projects around the world each year. The Board of Trustees bases its decisions on the ideas expressed in Anne Frank's diary and on Otto Frank's guidelines.

Protection of literary work

An important task of the ANNE FRANK FONDS is to protect the literary work of Anne Frank, her person, and the person of her father Otto Frank against slander and attacks. Accusations of this kind, which mainly stem from xenophobic and right-wing extremist groups, are part of the "Auschwitz lie".

Protection of personal rights and author's rights

The ANNE FRANK FONDS is the universal heir of the estate of Otto Frank. It is the owner of all copyrights arising from the original texts, letters, stories, diaries, and photographs of Otto, Anne, Margot and the remaining Frank family. The foundation also owns all rights pertaining to processed works, in particular the diaries of Anne Frank, and the licensed editions with various publishing companies. The ANNE FRANK FONDS is also the owner of all proprietary patent rights for dramatisations, films, inclusion of texts in operas and musicals, and adaptations in secondary literature.

 Enquiries and requests about the use of original texts, photos and for adapting material explicitly included in the legal domain of the ANNE FRANK FONDS must be addressed in writing to:
Steinengraben 18
CH-4051 Basel



About the Foundation

Examples of projects

The Anne Frank Fonds finances projects that it has checked carefully and that are in line with Anne Frank's ideas.


The donation policy of the ANNE FRANK FONDS is based on Otto Frank's instructions to the Board of Trustees.


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