The ANNE FRANK FONDS (AFF) is a foundation under Swiss law domiciled in Basel. The ANNE FRANK FONDS was founded by Otto Heinrich Frank on January 24, 1963. It is supervised by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations and is a recognised non-profit foundation.
As the sole survivor of the Frank family and thus the heir of Annelies Marie Frank (ANNE FRANK), her father Otto H. Frank designated the AFF as his universal heir. This is why the foundation owns and administers the rights to all writings of ANNE FRANK. Furthermore, the AFF is the heir of the other members and branches of the family and of Otto Frank, which makes it the holder of rights to documents, objects, photos and other material.
The Board of Trustees serves in an honorary capacity. A manager is in charge of the office in Basel. The accounts are audited by an external firm of auditors.
The foundation promotes projects in the spirit of the message of ANNE FRANK.
Otto H. Frank wanted, inter alia, to contribute to better understanding between societies and religions, to play a part in encouraging peace between people and nationalities, and to promote international contact among young people.
The AFF is legally and organisationally independent of other organisations operating under the name of ANNE FRANK. It is the only organisation established and initiated by Otto Frank. In addition to its support of Anne Frank organisations, it also supports other organisations and projects around the world, including the Project Aladin in Paris, the children's charity UNICEF, and UNESCO.


Spreading the message of ANNE FRANK
The AFF is responsible for publishing the diary and other writings by Anne Frank around the world, in cooperation with publishing houses and producers. In addition to publishing the texts, the foundation is responsible for dramatizing the material.
Through her diary, ANNE FRANK has become a worldwide symbol representing the victims of racism, anti-Semitism and fascism. In her diary, ANNE FRANK left a clear message challenging people to oppose any form of racism and anti-Semitism, to strengthen the rights of children and women, and to create a just society.

Protection of copyrights and personal rights of ANNE FRANK and her family
The AFF is, inter alia, the owner of all copyrights arising from the writings of Anne Frank, Margot Frank and Otto H. Frank and of all other rights to the work and rights that have been transferred to the foundation. These include specifically worldwide editions, compilations, translations and secondary literature.
Authorisation must be obtained from the foundation and/or its legal representatives (publishing houses) prior to any publication of texts, photographs and images of the manuscript. Any adaptation, or processing that can be traced back to the diary, or utilisation of the material requires authorisation or a licence. The AFF points out that the usual duration of copyright has been extended for Anne Frank.

Protection of integrity
As its heir, the AFF represents the personal rights of the family and its history.
It protects the integrity of the work and of the individuals against abuse, defamiliarization or exploitation outside the context decreed by Otto Frank.

Donations of the ANNE FRANK FONDS
One of the main tasks of the AFF consists of extensive donations.
Applications (detailed project description, exact budget, and planned financing) are checked carefully by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees bases its decisions on Anne Frank's ideas and Otto H. Frank's guidelines.

Documents submitted to the AFF are not returned and no justification for rejections is given.



About the Foundation

Examples of projects

The Anne Frank Fonds finances projects that it has checked carefully and that are in line with Anne Frank's ideas.


The donation policy of the ANNE FRANK FONDS is based on Otto Frank's instructions to the Board of Trustees.


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