On the death of Buddy Elias

June 2, 1925 - March 16, 2015

On Monday March 16, shortly before his 90th birthday, Buddy Elias passed away peacefully in his home in Basel surrounded by his family. With gratitude for the fulfilled life of this humanist, actor and contemporary witness, the Anne Frank Fonds, Basel bids farewell to its long-standing President, mentor and friend.

For decades, Buddy Elias campaigned for civil society, dialogue and education against discrimination. As a contemporary witness and cousin of Margot and Anne Frank, he was tirelessly engaged in educational work, human rights and, in particular, the rights of children and adolescents. He was committed to the legacy and memory of the victims of National Socialism, and to the battle against racism and anti-Semitism. His was a voice that spoke out in favour of the weak, disadvantaged and marginalised in all societies.

Buddy Elias followed in the footsteps of his uncle Otto Frank, the founder of the Anne Frank Fonds. As its president Buddy Elias protected the universal legacy of the families and expanded the activity of the foundation as a non-profit organisation. Together with the honorary Board of Trustees, he was responsible for supervising and continuing the active publication of the diary of his cousin Anne Frank. Income from these activities are used for charitable and educational projects. In 2012, he was instrumental in founding the Frank Family Centre in Frankfurt where archives of the Frank, Elias, Stern and Kahn families will be made accessible to the public.

The funeral will be held privately.