The Anne Frank Fonds was established in Basel in 1963 by Anne Frank's father Otto Frank as a charitable foundation and designated as his universal heir.

The foundation holds the author's rights for the works, letters and photos of Anne Frank and the members of her family and protects their personal rights.

 Income from the sale of books and licences is used for a wide range of charitable and educational projects. Information (in German) about cooperation with UNICEF can be found here.






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To coincide with Victory in Europe Day, the Anne Frank Fonds Basel staged a new version of the story of Anne Frank on May 8, 2014.


ANNE is a theater production about the life of Anne Frank. It will have its premiere on May, 8th  2014 at Theater Amsterdam.


Ari Folman ("The Congress" and "Waltz with Bashir") is to produce an animated film based on Anne Frank's life. He will also write and direct the film.