The Anne Frank Fonds was established in Basel in 1963 by Anne Frank's father Otto Frank as a charitable foundation and designated as his universal heir.

The foundation holds the author's rights for the works, letters and photos of Anne Frank and the members of her family and protects their personal rights.

 Income from the sale of books and licences is used for a wide range of charitable and educational projects. Information (in German) about cooperation with UNICEF can be found here.






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The Anne Frank Fonds Basel (AFF) and the New Israel Fund (NIF) have formed a partnership for grant making in Israel. NIF will handle all applications from Israel on behalf of the AFF with immediate effect. Please go to for donation guidelines.


For the first time ever, the Graphic Diary of Anne Frank is to be published in September 2017. This adaptation, by screenwriter and film-maker Ari Folman and illustrator David Polonsky, demonstrates the literary dimension and brilliance of the young author Anne Frank. 


Other than the sale of Anne Frank's Diary and other literary works by his daughter, where the proceeds were destined for charitable purposes, Otto Frank was totally opposed to commercial profiteering from his daughter(s) memory. The AFF, as universal heir, tries wherever possible to enforce and uphold Otto Frank's wish in this respect. Where copyright issues are involved the AFF will enforce these.