UNICEF Switzerland and the Anne Frank Fonds Basel, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, have entered into a long-term partnership for worldwide, programmatic cooperation. The emphasis will be on educational programmes as well as the active promotion of children's rights.

The Anne Frank Fonds has been committed to the rights of children, education and the relief of suffering for fifty years now. Through worldwide cooperation with UNICEF Switzerland, a substantial portion of sales from The Diary of Anne Frank and other revenues will be given to UNICEF in the future.

A child writes about war

The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most important historical testimonies of the 20th century and part of the UNESCO World Document Heritage list. Anne Frank describes, among other things, how she experienced the Second World War as a child of Jewish origin. The Franks were deported as a consequence of betrayal, and Anne died just a few days before the end of the war. Far more than 1.5 million Jewish and non-Jewish children were killed during the Holocaust.
"The impressive words of this girl are more relevant than ever:  they stand for a huge number of crimes against children - the most vulnerable members of our society, for whom UNICEF also campaigns", says Elsbeth Müller, Executive Director of UNICEF Switzerland. "The strong connecting element of our partnership is the mutual effort to draw attention to the central rights of children."

Education, emergency relief and children's rights

Millions of children throughout the world are still victims of armed conflicts. In war and as refugees, they are injured or killed, are separated from their families, and become witnesses to violence. For many of them, attending school becomes just a distant dream. However, education is the key to both the personal development of a child and the social and economic development of an entire country. Through their cooperation, UNICEF Switzerland and the Anne Frank Fonds Basel would like to relieve suffering, support educational initiatives, and simultaneously promote awareness of the rights of children in the long run. Buddy Elias, President of the Anne Frank Fonds, comments on this: "Help for children and adolescents in need, as well as their humanistic education, are among the main projects of the Anne Frank Fonds Basel. Cooperation with UNICEF will create additional space for this concern and help relieve suffering, especially in crisis areas."

UNICEF, the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, has more than 60 years of experience in development assistance and emergency relief. UNICEF is committed to children surviving and having a healthy, happy and safe childhood. One of its main tasks is the implementation of programmes in the area of health, nutrition, education, water, and hygiene, as well as protecting children from abuse, exploitation, violence, and AIDS. UNICEF is financed exclusively by voluntary contributions and is represented in Switzerland by the Swiss Committee for UNICEF. For more than 50 years, UNICEF Switzerland has worked on behalf of children - both at home and abroad.

The Anne Frank Fonds Basel is a foundation according to Swiss law under the supervision of the Swiss Foun­dation Supervision. All income from the sale of books and other items is used for charitable purposes or educational projects related to Anne Frank, and for opposing dis­crimination. The Anne Frank Fonds was founded by Otto Frank and is the only organisation that has been le­gitimised by Otto Frank. It is the universal heir and owner of rights to all works by the family, which includes The Diary of Anne Frank that she wrote in her hiding place in the Nether­lands during the Second World War.

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