Premiere of the Play ANNE in May 2014

ANNE is a theater production about the life of Anne Frank, based on the collected works of her diaries published in November 2013 and on the archives of the family Frank in Basel. Texts from the original diaries will be performed on stage for the first time. We meet Anne Frank before she goes into hiding with her family, we are with her for those two long years in the Secret Annex, and we experience the terrible events that follow the discovery of her hideout. ANNE sweeps you along amid the tension, complexity, beauty and tragedy of Anne’s life, above all her development as a writer.
ANNE will have its premiere on May, 8th  2014 at Theater Amsterdam - which is currently being built especially for this production. ANNE is initiated by the ANNE FRANK FONDS in Basel, founded by Otto Frank.

Multilingual translation system of the play will be available as of 1 July 2014 in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and Russian.

More information and tickets on www.theateramsterdam.nl


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