Insights into the life of a German-Jewish family

The Frankfurt-based roots of the families of Buddy Elias, President of the ANNE FRANK FONDS, and his cousin, Anne Frank, can be traced back to the 16th century. The economic crisis of 1929 and National-Socialism forced both families to emigrate. The Elias family survived by moving to Basel - and its possessions were saved. These possessions reflect the history of a significant German-Jewish Frankfurt family and will be housed permanently in Frankfurt. The exhibition will be based on personal items from the collection, and black-and-white photos by Barbara Klemm; it will illustrate the variety and significance of the Elias family's possessions that reached Basel. The exhibition will also provide a first impression of the work of the Frank Family Centre, which was established in 2012 by the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt in cooperation with the ANNE FRANK FONDS in Basel. The centre manages numerous documents, photographs and objects, which will be made available for research, educational purposes and exhibitions in the museum.

The following preview offers insight into plans for the Frank Family Centre.

Pictured: Buddy and Gerti Elias (photo credit: Klemm)

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