German-European motion picture about Anne Frank's life

Everyone has heard of The Diary of Anne Frank. It is part of world literature and one of the most haunting and moving documents describing the persecution of Jews by the Nazis. The book still touches young people around the world today, yet few people know the whole story.
The first German film about Anne and her family is based not only on Anne Frank's diary and writings, but also on all the family's documents. It goes beyond the time in hiding and shows her whole life: where she came from, where she went, and what happened after the annihilation during the Holocaust.
Spektrum Pictures, Berlin, a media company of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group, and Zeitsprung Pictures, Cologne, will produce the film in close cooperation with the Anne Frank Fonds (AFF) in Basel, which was founded in 1963 by Otto Frank.
AFF holds the rights and is the testamentary sole heir. In this role, the AFF has transferred the film rights to the producers. Fred Breinersdorfer (Sophie Scholl, die letzten Tage) is writing the screenplay. The directors and cast will soon be decided on. Filming will begin in 2013.
Screenplay writer Fred Breinersdorfer says: "Anne Frank is one of the great young heroines of world history. It is long overdue that an integral film is at last being made about Anne and the Frank family. I would love to take on the challenge of developing an authentic and moving screenplay for the film."
Buddy Elias, President of the AFF and Anne Frank's cousin, agrees: "The Anne Frank Fonds and the family have been working hard for a long time so that the story of the Franks can be told in a historical context in such a way that young people of today in particular will gain a new understanding of the message of co-existence, of humanism in the face of barbarism, and of standing up to injustice. It is high time that ANNE FRANK is produced in a modern way from within Germany with German producers and actors."
Walid Nakschbandi, Spektrum Pictures, and Michael Souvignier, Zeitsprung Pictures, explain: "The American cinema film of 1959 and its 1980 remake, plus some television productions focussed mainly on the years in the secret annex. For the first time we will deal with the whole story of this young teenage girl: from her bourgeois Jewish life in Frankfurt am Main to the time when Anne's father Otto holds her diary in his hand at the end of the war. We will show the context, origin and impression of the family. It is a great honour for us to produce the first German motion picture about Anne Frank. We are aware of our responsibility and are looking forward to this unique production.

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