Dutch authors Jessica Durlacher and Leon de Winter are to stage ANNE, a new play based on the Diary of Anne Frank and the first new theatrical adaptation of the source material since 1955, after being chosen to write the script by the Anne Frank Fonds Basel. The Anne Frank Fonds Basel, founded by Otto Frank, the universal heir and rights-owner of the Frank family estate, is launching the project to provide a contemporary rendition of one of the most important texts of the 20th century, bringing it to new audiences. ANNE will show the famous story of Anne Frank in a completely new way, allowing today’s generations to experience and understand this important work.

The most significant accomplishment of the play is that the writers have brought Anne’s ideas, dreams and emotions to life, allowing the action to break out of the confined attic space that has always dominated any staging of the Anne Frank story. This means that Anne’s life before and after the diary will feature prominently for the first time.

The play takes a new approach to the story which sees the diary itself acted out – bringing the text alive on stage. This is the first time that a play has truly reflected the original source text, resulting in profound and insightful stories and emotions.

ANNE will be launched worldwide beginning with the world premiere in the Netherlands in

2014. The Dutch play will be produced by Robin de Levita, a Tony Award-winning theatre and media producer. Imagine Nation, the global media content company founded by Kees Abrahams and Robin de Levita, is the exclusive partner for first-class productions.

 S. Fischer Theater Agency will be responsible for distributing the original script of the play for theatrical use.

Leon de Winter says: “We hope this play shows Anne Frank as authentically as possible. She was an enormous talent. When she turned fifteen, she was already an accomplished writer. As it says in the play, she ‘wrote herself into adulthood’. How to dramatise this development, was one of our main concerns.”

Jessica Durlacher adds: “In this play, we have opened up the full dimension of Anne Frank’s story as a girl entering womanhood, and as a gifted writer who could simply not be silenced. She was forced to understand and analyse herself, and her need to tell the world about what she thought and felt is still as heartbreakingly true as it was back then. We wrote the play in full appreciation of the diary as a once-in-a-hundred-years text – Anne’s text. For my husband and me, dramatising this has been the biggest challenge of our careers – not least because, in the Fifties, our predecessors Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett wrote a tremendous adaptation, and also because both our families suffered similar fates as the Frank family.”

Buddy Elias, Chairman, Anne Frank Fonds Basel, and a cousin of Anne Frank, says: “This is a revised look at Anne Frank’s Diary, and a remarkable and moving new play.”
Robin de Levita adds: “It is a great honour and a challenge to create this new work on the legacy ofAnne Frank. It is our ambition to create a play, with music, which can be seen by all generations and will preserve this story about such an important chapter of recent history.”

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