Anne Franks 85th Birthday

June 12, 2014 would have been Anne Frank's 85th birthday. She would have been an old woman looking back over a long life. She might have looked back at a fulfilled life, but most certainly at a life filled with many highs and lows - a normal life. She might have told her life story to her grandchildren once again, given talks at schools, or might even have become a journalist or a writer, as she had so much wanted as a young girl.

But her life ended abruptly, brutally and far too soon. In 1945, shortly before the end of the Second World War, Anne Frank - along with her sister Margot, her mother Edith and six million other Jews - fell victim to the insanity of the Nazis.
In her diary, which she lovingly named Kitty, she not only recorded events from the secret annexe. The extremely mature intellectual world of this remarkable young woman was characterised by philosophical and humanist issues. If there had been more people like her at the time, such insanity might have been avoided.
As was customary at the time, Anne Frank also wrote in the autograph albums of her school friends. In 1938, she wrote the following lines in Mary Caroline Bos's album.

Dear Mary
When, after many years, you look through this album again and remember all the friends from your school days, then, dear Mary, think of me as well.
As a reminder of your school friend
Anne Frank.
Who knows, dear Mary Caroline Bos, under different circumstances, you and a few other school friends might have been able to raise a glass with Anne Frank on her 85th birthday, to eat cake and to reminisce about life. Perhaps you would have sent each other birthday cards, or even e-mails, to countries around the world.

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